Acupressure Anti Snoring Ring

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Great Reason

 Using the principle of acupressure the wearing of the ring promotes the dilation of the breathing areas thereby removing the primary cause of snoring The pressure points within the ring incorporate 2 magnets increasing the effects in the same way that acupuncture practitioners use magnets during treatments.The stop snore ring is the only ring incorporating magnets other rings are falsely claiming they are magnetised.The ring also has the advantage over other snoring products promoting a better quality of sleep for the user and has helped people with insomnia.

Material: Titanium steel
Color: Silver
Wear position: little finger root
Size S: 4.6-5 cm
       M: 5.1-5.7 cm
       L: 5.8-6.5 cm
      XL: 6.6-7.5cm
How To Use:
Place the ring on the little finger of a hand (right hand for men, left for women usually works best) ideally around an hour before bedtime.Gently squeeze the ring when it is in place to enable the Acupressure points to work.
The Acupressure Stimulator on the inside of the ring acts on a sensitive spot on the snorer’s finger, which is on the outer side at the base of the finger between the knuckle and base.The raised part on the inside of the ring acts when correctly positioned on one of the meridian lines in the little finger of the snorer.It uses the age-old principle of Acupressure to eliminate snoring.
Within 7 days of the general sleep recovery and snoring 5-15 days to basic no, even breathing need in 15 days, so we recommend wearing time for 15 days to 30 days.
Package included:
1 pc anti snoring ring
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