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✦ Avoid The Mess- Leave the sand on the beach where it belongs! Everyone hates when their towel gets covered in sand as it is nearly impossible to get clean; Until Now! The sand brushes off with no effort at all for a completely sand free day.

✦ King of Kings Blankets- Seriously soft rip stop nylon that is water repelling, heat resistant, and comfortable makes it ultra versatile. Great for the kiddos soccer game, music festival, camping trips and travel. Soon you won’t be caught outdoors without it!


    1. Keep the sand out of your those pesky body crevices with this giant beach mat that absorbs sand.
    2. It was originally designed to prevent dust and debris from kicking-up while landing a helicopter in sandy areas.
    3. The sand-free beach mat has a dual layer mesh technology that makes any sand that falls on it disappear.
    4. Easily cleaned and dries instantly should drinks be split.
    5. UV Stabilized prevents fading.
    6. Mesh design constructed with high quality PVC material. To be used as a based layer with your favorite cotton beach towel on top. 

     Delivery: 12 to 20 days after shipment.