Posture Corrector Brace

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A strenuous work or activity may leave us slouching all day instead of standing and sitting straight.  This may lead to poor posture and back pains. Do your spine a favor and improve your posture with our Posture Corrector Brace.  It’s a versatile, unisex solution that eliminates back and posture problems while improving your self-esteem.

Features and benefits: 

  • Robust and Cozy. Provides firm but delicate backing, holding you up from slouching. It’s fully adjustable to get the correct fit so your head, spine, neck and collar bones are naturally aligned.
  • Made of lightweight but sturdy materials.   It has 12 strategically placed magnets that target the spine and lumbar region for pain relief and posture correction. It’s also contrived of a featherweight, breathable material with durable stitching that offers extra long-lasting comfort and back-up.
  • Wear it anytime, anywhere. Whether you are stuck to sit and work for hours in the office, school or you’re standing still and operating a factory plant, this brace suits any routine.
  • An undetectable outfit. Comfortable posture support that is discreet.  You can wear it confidently all day under clothes or shirt at home, work or school.
  • Available in many sizes. Our brace is available in medium, large, extra large and double extra large.  Please see our pictures for size references.
  • Easy Care. Designed in a way easy to use, wash and last longer.

Posture Corrector Brace

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Product Specification: 
Package includes: (1) Posture Corrector Brace
Material: Neoprene, ABS, and Cotton
Color: Black, White, Beige
Size: (Please see the last pic for size references)