Portable Water Color Brush Pen

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Create beautiful elegant and vividly vibrant art with this 6 portable brush pens.

 Recommended to Use premium high quality dye to get very bright vivid colors . Brushes made of   micro fabric hairs allowing the precision and flawless movement when you paint.

Our famous Watercolor Brush Pens are easy to use and simple to master allowing your creative mind to create a very unique type of art.

Set includes 3 point tip brush pens and 3 flat tip brush pens of different sizes
Suitable for art students, amateur and professional artists
Portable for outdoor painting
Perfect to use with solid watercolor and powdered pigment
Soft nylon brush tip gives a sensitive response for delicate lines or pools of colors
You can add ink directly to use it as a writing brush pen
Translucent barrel enables you to monitor water supply immediately
Material: plastic shell + nylon brush
Length: 18.1cm
Diameter: 13mm

1. Premium quality: Durable nylon brush tip, would not drop during the use. With protective caps for protecting the tips when not using, avoid unnecessary damage, do not affect next use.
2. Convenient use: No need for dipping in ink continually during the use, the water or ink stored in the barrel allows you to write or draw continuously, enjoy your creating time without being bothered by the ink.
3. Easy to operate: Control the ink or water flow with just a squeeze of the barrel. Blend with water or add ink to barrel for fast, easy, and fun painting.
4. Easy to clean: Simply rinse them with clean running water after used then let them air dry. Put the clean brushes in the storage case and they are ready for next use.
5. Set of 6 different brush tip sizes for different use, 3 pack fine brushes and 3 pack flat brushes in bold, medium and fine point size. Easily deal with most writing or drawing, suitable for Art Students, Amateur and Professional Artists.

6 x Water Brush Pen