Magic Gear Cube Puzzle

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Not to be confused with the good old Rubik’s Cube, the Gear Cube Puzzle is the new generation of handheld puzzle solving toy with a new twist (no pun intended). Rotating the cube will move the gear mechanism which requires twelve 90° turns to complete one rotation. While veteran puzzle-solvers will feel the design & concept is close to home, the solution of the Gear Cube Puzzle is different because only 180° turns were allowed so there are less possible permutations of the puzzle. The fundamental structure of these two puzzles are the same, the only difference is that the Gear Cube Puzzle has stickers on the small edge gears too, requiring one extra step to solve it. This is an excellent addition to enthusiast that loves to add a new puzzle toy into their trophy collection.

(Warning: Product is made with rotatable gears which may get stuck if your finger is wedged in between the gears. Not recommended to children below 8 due to small moving parts.)

Test your skills!

  • Package includes : 1x Gear Cube Puzzle
  • Material : Plastic
  • Size : 6cm x 6cm x6m
  • Color : Black or White

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