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Having the Polarized Army Goggles will handy and usable in any different kinds of environment due to the 4 different colored types of lens being offered which includes:

  • 1x Army Goggles + Lens Kit
  • 1x polarized lens
  • 1x Anti-Glare lens
  • 1x UVA/UVB lens
  • 1x Night Vision lens

 These lenses are perfect for military, bicycle and motorcycle use. They are also applicable as Tactical Goggles Sun Glasses, Desert Storm, Airsoft, Outdoor, Motorcycle, Windproof, WARGAME, Eye Protection For Cycling/Riding and even Extreme Sports!

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Lens Height: 4 cm
Lens Width: 7 cm
Style: Goggle
Frame Material: Plastic
Version: Polarized or Non-Polarized Version
Lens Attributes: 1 Polarized (optional), 1 Anti-Glare, 1 UVA/UVB, 1 Night Vision
Lens Colors: Grey, Yellow, Transparent, Copper