2 Dog Retractable Leash

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New Arrivals 2 Dog Retractable Leash up to 50 pounds per dog Leash Strong Lash for 2 Dogs

One leash, dual brakes, zero tangle! It's the smartest way to walk two dogs.


  • The best dog leash for two dogs!
  • This non-tangling retractable leash allows you to walk two dogs at the same time, while maintaining individual control of each one!
  • Both the leash leads and brake buttons are color-coded, so you'll always know exactly which dog you're controlling.
  • Stop just one dog, or stop them both. The struggle to hold two leashes and keep them untangled is over.
  • The spinning action works to prevent entanglement, for a safer and more enjoyable walk.


  • Walks two dogs without tangling.
  • Stops dogs individually.
  • 50 lbs per dog Max length 10 feet/3 meters per dog.
  • Stop each dog individually.


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